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This Time it IS You and Not Me

“We the people, formerly known as consumers, eyeballs, views, likes, shares, sentiment, ‘voice of the customer’ etc., hereby resign as your audience.” ~ Your audience   Scary thought, don’t you think? Scary because it’s already happening. Scary because you’ve invested a ton of time and money in automating your marketing and your audience is demanding a very […]

Branding Not Expensive

Why Branding FINALLY Shouldn’t Be So Expensive

Emulating the Software Industry: About 10—15 years ago, the software world realized something phenomenal: software development doesn’t need to be so big and complicated.  While the concepts of rapid prototyping and extreme programming had been around for some time, it wasn’t until the marriage of cloud-based software apps and agile programming came together to create […]


Is Branding The Enemy of EBITDA?

There are three factions of people based on the above headline: those that vehemently agree with the question; those who think a strong brand naturally drives a stronger EBITDA; and then those who have no clue what EBITDA is. To the folks who don’t know EBITDA: EBITDA is ‘earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation & amortization. […]

Highlighting " Acquiring"

Can A Brand Impact Valuation For a Tech Company’s Exit Strategy?

We get asked this question a ton. Sometimes it is asked kindly and sometimes we’re called “brazen” for connecting a brand’s potential impact with valuation. But I think it is worthy of discussion. A Bit of Background: At MCG, we do a lot of outreach to emerging technology companies to drive business our way.  It’s one part […]

Elevating Your Brand

Using Brand Value to Drive Your Valuation

In the emerging tech world, the valuation is everything. Revenues, run-rate, MRR, expenses, market share- it all factors into that one key metric: VALUATION. Even the HBO show, Silicon Valley, has made numerous one-liners about it. It drives everything. So here’s a question: How does your brand value drive the valuation? Brand is a softer, less […]


Some exciting news from Market Creation Group

Dear Beloved Clients, On behalf of the team at Market Creation Group, I’m delighted to share some bold, exciting and ‘new’ news with you. Not only are we celebrating MCG’s 9th anniversary with you today, but we’re also announcing some enhancements to our delivery model as well as a new brand that we’re officially rolling […]


2015 Thinking: Do you have a Strategy or a Playbook?

Market Creation Group would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all into 2015… Some of us have been planning our attack on the new year since 2014 began. Others just started thinking about 2015 as they watched the ball drop on Wednesday night. Regardless, I would like you to think about something as […]