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The Core Strength of Your Company’s Brand: the Employee Experience

The stronger the core, the stronger the human…The stronger the core, the stronger the company.

Getting to the core of the core

You may or may not be into yoga and/or Pilates, but you probably know someone who is. They say: a healthy body needs a strong core.

You are reading this article on an electronic device. Your device du-jour has a core processor.

If you are successfully keeping the doctor away, it might be the result of that apple you eat daily. It has a core.

The earth that most of you are sitting or standing on…yep- its got a core as well.

Companies have a core too. A company’s core strength comes from the combination of its employees, how its leadership comes together and how the core beliefs of the company come across when the employees interact with each other as well as the outside world.

It is called the Employee Experience. It is part of the overall Brand Experience Map that I mentioned in an earlier post.

The Core of a Brand: The Employee Experience

You see it in companies every day: The ones with a strong Employee Experience that shines in their brand as well as seeing the ones who are missing that strong core that shows up in a bad way within their employee base.

When you embrace the brand of the employee experience and create environments where employees can embrace it as well, you begin to see several things happen:

  1. Employees are more comfortable with what their role is and how they are to act while at work.
  2. Employees who embrace their brand experience through their employer will want to attract others to this same experience.  They will bring their friends along, they will help you network to find top talent.
  3. Employees who embrace the employee brand experience will have a deeper dedication to the success of the company, as they will treat it as if it were their own.
  4. In today’s modern world of social interactions, employees will become social brand ambassadors and share their positive experiences throughout their social threads.

Which company do you want to build?  Which company do you want to join?

A Case study in branding the employee experience

We are currently working on a rebranding exercise with a company who has embraced their greatest challenge in finding top talent: their reputation as an employer is bad.  Their IT department is not able to find the top talent they want as a result of being listed as one of the least desirable places to work.

While the company is known to work people hard and get a lot out of each and every employee, they have recognized that the perception on the outside of working at the company and the experience that the long-term employees have at the company are misaligned.

They want to be known as a place where you’ll work your ass off. They want the employees who are willing to work longer and harder hours.  That’s ok.  It is part of their employee experience.  Is it for everyone?  Hell no.  They want their employee experience to be recognized as hard working, hard charging and incredibly innovative.  Guess what – now that they embrace this aspect of their brand through the employee experience, they will be more aligned to find the talent out there that will fit their model.

What is the brand of your employee experience?

Khalil Sertima