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This Time it IS You and Not Me


We the people, formerly known as consumers, eyeballs, views, likes, shares, sentiment, ‘voice of the customer’ etc., hereby resign as your audience.” ~ Your audience

Scary thought, don’t you think? Scary because it’s already happening. Scary because you’ve invested a ton of time and money in automating your marketing and your audience is demanding a very individualized experience from you, thus creating this seemingly insurmountable contradiction.

Per Brian Solis, businesses are now working within this EGOSYSTEM, a hyper-individualized society where everyone is expecting that very personalized experience. How, then, are companies supposed to meet this demand and expectation in a world of marketing automation? Have we talked to you about Personas yet?


Personas are an illustration and deeper understanding of your target audiences and what motivates them to buy. How old they are, where they live, what their median household income is are only small parts of that understanding. In the past, that information may have been enough to sell through mass marketing. Not anymore. With a smartphone in everyone’s hand, people want – no, they expect – an experience that caters to their specific likes and needs. And they want that experience to convey transparency and a sense of trust for the brand.

Buyer Journeys

Now you’re probably saying to yourself “We’ve already built our Personas so we’re good.” And you wouldn’t be alone. However, that’s only the first part of the solution. What most of the people we talk to are missing are the buyer journeys. How exactly do you approach your Personas at every stage of their buyer journey, with the right message at the right time? That is a strategy most companies are having problems developing.

Personas + Buyer Journeys + Automation

Now, let’s put all of this together and ask ourselves: how do you speak to each of your Personas individually using a marketing automation system? It’s like dating. Many people actually share common motivations, so we start by helping you define and capture those commonalities. It will never be as easy as “You had me at ‘Hello'” but when you know what motivates a certain group of people to buy and you craft a message that speaks to those motivations, you’ll have been able to start speaking to your Personas individually to give them that more personalized experience; and you’ll have done so on a much larger scale using your marketing automation. That’s great justification for all the money you spent on that system.


Ultimately you will find, as one of our clients recently did, that your success in discovering and attracting more qualified leads that will convert to sales more often is much higher than just shooting in the dark. That’s a KBPI (Key Brand Performance Indicator) that our data-driven marketers love!

The EGOSYSTEM is changing how we tell our stories and those who adapt quickly will see the growth and market domination they seek, while those who fail to update their strategies and know their buyers will plateau and eventually go away. Which one are you?