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Why Branding FINALLY Shouldn’t Be So Expensive

Emulating the Software Industry:

About 10—15 years ago, the software world realized something phenomenal: software development doesn’t need to be so big and complicated.  While the concepts of rapid prototyping and extreme programming had been around for some time, it wasn’t until the marriage of cloud-based software apps and agile programming came together to create a world where iterative updates and minor adjustments became the norm instead of the rare occasion.

It is interesting when living in this world.  Once upon a time, everyone had to deal with software updates, both large and small.  Now they are new features that come in quietly through SaaS based applications, they don’t require you to do any real work on your end, EXCEPT for when it is time to update your phone, your laptop and your tablet.  Now, the thing that was the simpler update before is now the huge monstrous pain in the ass to update.

You know how real-time of a society we are when the 1-3 hours to update to el Capitan, or iOS9 feels like a lifetime.

Back to branding

There is an intersection taking place in the branding/marketing world similar to how the software industry’s evolution of SaaS/agile created a leap-frog environment.  In Branding/Marketing, the evolution is the successful adoption and utilization of Marketing Automation Tools, intersecting with a need to build a brand at the individual persona level.

Now, while there is still a need to look at a brand at a company-level, you can focus your efforts at the individual need/persona level, at a vertically-aligned branding strategy.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Identify all the personas you target and figure out the priority order for which ones will help you get to your company’s goals the fastest.
  2. Identify all your use cases (buying triggers) that are most relevant to the personas’ buying behaviors.

Once you have your most targeted persona and that use case that would elicit the greatest response, you can build a persona-focused brand program. Once the persona is targeted, you’ll want to do the following things to better target that primary persona:

Time to build:

  1. Build a persona profile for the buyer type
  2. Build a buyer journey and habitat for that buyer type
  3. Establish key messaging that resonates with that persona
  4. Develop a campaign within your marketing automation platform that focuses only on that persona, using the use cases you’ve developed
  5. Test the message/campaign in your normal marketing automation methods of A/B testing, adjusting and then testing more until you get that message right

Think of this as a bottom-up approach vs a top-down approach.

The top-down approaches will easily cost $100K when looking at the overall company brand.  The bottom-up approach is going to cost significantly less and will help you reach the goal of having shorter-term ‘wins’ with your branding/marketing program.

What You’ll See

When implementing branding at the persona-level, you’ll be able to move more quickly and adapt more easily since you’ll have a tighter focus on the needs of a specific buyer…not the entire universe of potential buyers.

Just remember: In Technology, you don’t have to be a household name…you just need to be a household name with your intended audience! 


brett schklar