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We came to MCG with many pieces of the puzzle… they revealed the full picture.

-Larry Goldman, Director of Marketing, Windward Studios

"Our experience with the Market Creation Group was excellent. Through the project the team worked on, they proved to be responsive, smart, great at developing and communicating status on project plan, and on time and on budget."

-Cynthia Carpenter, VP Marketing, Level 3

"MCG is smart, and brings a deep knowledge of marketing. They understand the needs of early stage companies, and can help prioritize strategy, tactics and budgets, knowing that they typically face significant demands without never-enough resources. We have worked with MCG on different projects, and MCG consistently translates complicated technology into clear, understandable and compelling messages."


"Our new web presence is a marked improvement over our previous site, and conveys the image and extraordinary business value that we offer in a professional and well organized manner.  We immediately got significant improvement in responses and conversions after launching the new site."


When VisionTEK needed marketing assistance for our largest tradeshow event of the year – the International Association of Chiefs of Police – we turned to MCG, and they delivered. In a few short weeks, MCG developed a comprehensive marketing plan, implemented a direct mail campaign and built a dynamic, database-driven website for us. 
Within an extremely tight timeframe, they developed a well-designed site that integrates with our proprietary software, has a full CMS on the back-end and leverages the power of social networking on the front end. I don't know of any other agency that could have made all of this happen so quickly without sacrificing quality. 
I would highly recommend the MCG team to other companies in need of marketing services, web design and web development.


"We thoroughly enjoyed working with MCG on branding, marketing strategies, and design for our two new websites.  They are fun, creative, and extremely good at what they do.  We love our new websites. I would highly recommend MCG for the vast talent and exceptional results that they offer."

-Kim Noble, ProtoTest Chief Operating Officer

"We came to MCG with many pieces of the puzzle, and their team applied an exceptionally effective strategy that assembled them and revealed the full picture. Their staged methodology, research and insightful coaching allowed us to translate our brand voice, value and story into a fully-realized, actionable playbook."

-Larry Goldman, Director of Marketing, Windward Studios

"The creative energy at MCG is fantastic, but most importantly, they really understand how to reach our technical business target market. We have developed several campaigns with MCG that keep bringing in business, as well as compliments and notice across the industry. They are all over our websites, our advertising, our retargeting campaigns, and our live events. I highly recommend working with their team."

-Don Bergal, Chief Marketing Officer, CONFIO SOFTWARE,  April 2013

"MCG understands how to be successful in the B2B space, but the biggest asset is that they take the time to really understand your business. Working with MCG was fantastic because of their dedication to the project and their ability to think outside of the box. The phased approach that focused on the user experience helped us to maintain focus on providing an excellent product for our customers and I was thrilled with the result."

-Liz Alley, Marketing Manager, Zayo Group, August 2012

"Communicating the benefits of our technologies to web publishers, advertisers and consumers is a tall order and the MCG team continues to impress across diverse projects."

-Tyler Stuart, VP Business Development Format, Dynamics, May 2011

"We set some pretty high expectations for this project. And I am pleased to say they exceeded all of them. Now we have a site that we can be proud to present to Denver's top technology professionals."

-Richard Bass, President and Executive Director, Denver/Boulder Software Club, October 2010

"Working with the team at MCG has been a terrific experience. They get the whole B2B space, and with their experience and creativity they were able to take fairly complex business concepts and turn them into something very engaging and visually compelling on our website. They took the time to get to know us and really hit the mark with our brand. MCG has really helped Oniqua to break from the pack, and we are looking forward to continuing our work with them on a wide variety of other marketing projects."

-Steve Herrmann, Vice President Marketing and Strategic Alliances, Oniqua Enterprise Analytics, October 2010

As soon as I saw the pieces of the puzzle coming together, I was a believer.

-Jeffrey Noolas, CEO, Jamis Software

"MCG, simply put, is the personal attention of a small shop with the marketing experience of a large technology firm. MCG laid out a comprehensive B2B online strategy, and the company has routinely proven that client ROI and satisfaction take priority."

-Anne Stone, ACT

"We had a significant amount of planning and work and very little time to get our company launched to market. The Market Creation Group provided just the right amount of strategic planning and execution abilities to get us launched successfully and get our company into the market!"


"We are pretty demanding on our partners at Level 3 and the Market Creation Group delivers flawlessly. We confidently rely on them to provide a range of marketing services from strategic consulting to tactical campaign execution. They are consistently on time and on budget for their deliverables to us. I would recommend the Market Creation Group highly to anyone in the technology or telecommunications marketing space.

-Barbara Dondiego, VP Marketing, Level3  

"MCG is our go-to team for everything from market research and strategic planning, to web development and demand generation. They have an in-depth understanding of our business, and we can count on them to always deliver a measurable ROI."

-Kazutaka (Kobby) Kobayashi, Director of Marketing, Verio

"Our new websites are driving sales and taking our business to the next level, thanks to the team at MCG. We definitely got our money's worth and more.  Working with the team at MCG was a great experience and we are thrilled with the results.  I highly recommend them for any company looking for marketing help.  From the UI design to the messaging and content, MCG came to the table with great ideas and implemented them quickly and efficiently.  We definitely got our money's worth and more."

-Bev Berry, VP of Business Development

"I knew we needed new energy in the company to remain competitive and at first I was reluctant to invest in a rebranding exercise. Even after it began, I still had my reservations but as soon as I saw the pieces of the puzzle coming together and the resulting outcome, I was a believer."

-Todd Litzman, Co-Founder & President, Brandwise

"The Playbook nails down who we are and who we target. We use the messaging to describe ourselves, which saves a lot time. We always look good and much bigger than we actually are."

-Jeffrey Noolas, CEO, Jamis Software

"MCG really took the time to understand our website goals and needs. TSANet’s new website has been a tremendous help in supporting our efforts to increase our membership. Prospective members can more easily find clear information about the company, our value and approach, the benefits members enjoy and answers to common questions due to the restructured site and updated content."

-Dennis Smeltzer, President, TSANet, January 2013

"The addition of Social Media outlets has provided TSANet with a much more effective means to communicate with existing and prospective members. MCG designed our social media strategy in support of our goals to not only better serve our existing members with more regular, valuable communications, but through our blog and social media channels, we are now also better able to reach potential new members. In addition, the training and operational support MCG provided equipped us to maintain an ongoing cadence of social conversations and manage the day-to-day operations of our social media platforms."

-Paul Esch, Strategy and Business Development, TSANet, January 2013

"MCG helped ICMI create two company videos and they were a huge success! We unveiled the videos at our annual conference and everyone really loved them! The MCG team was early to deliver and on budget."

-Marta Kelsey, Senior Marketing Manager, ICMI, International Customer Management Institute, June 2011

"The design staff is superb. The strategy team is always there when needed. The project management is first rate and everyone is focused on customer success. Even the offices are cool! I would highly recommend MCG to anyone except I’d like to keep them all to myself."

-Robin Leventhal, Director of Marketing, Spatial Energy, April 2011

"MCG’s understanding of our business, coupled with their experience using personas and use cases to better target prospects, really helped our sales and marketing teams differentiate ourselves in a difficult and competitive field. Working with such a seasoned and creative team opened our eyes to new tactics to bring in quality leads."

-Marta Kelsey, Senior Marketing Manager, ICMI, October 2010